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The View From My Middle Finger

Welcome to this new podcast series, The view from my Middle finger, where we take a look at the world through the many, social media platforms. With 3 seasons now streaming, we deliver a mix of entertainment in each series.


Series 1- The View From My Middle Finger- we cover many different topics which are highlighted through social media and the internet. We look at the absurd side of society, the changing landscape and how we all navigate our way through the obstacles, in our own individual way. With a healthy does of scepticism and humour, in some cases we highlight the illogical and the ridiculous.


Season 2- The Celebrity I Didn't Interview- In this short series we virtually interview some well known celebrities.


Season 3- AI Independent News- Who said that you need humans to deliver the news, well here at AI Independent News, we say to hell with humans, as our team of AI reporters deliver the news in their own inimitable style. If you don't trust main stream media, then why not give AI Independent News a listen to, AI reporters deliver the news without the bullshit, as they are machine learning and haven't learnt bullshit yet.


The View From My Middle Finger is sponsored by Tee Public, check out our merchandise on our Tee Public store


New Episodes 

In upcoming episodes of this podcast we will will explore the world of the police auditor, examine why the internet is full of angry people and delve into the many conspiracy theories that litter the internet. 

Stay tuned for new episodes which will be published to all podcast platforms and here on our webpage.

Alex, CA

“Not sure what to make of this podcast, however will listen to more and make my mind up"

Ted, NY

"Really enjoyed, lots of information with a touch of humour, very entertaining."

Lisa, MI

“This was bullshit and clearly skewed to conservative thinking.”

The Word From D'GAF

I started this Podcast to provide listeners with a different view on many of the topics that fill content on social media and the internet.

While some social commentary may suggest they represent a balanced view on these topics I cannot say this, as these are my views based on my interpretation of what i see and listen to.

I look to inject a level of sarcasm, this is after all a satirical and hopefully humorous take on many issues that are discussed on the internet.

I thought it was about time a view from my middle finger should be a view that some may like to see and if you don't then so be it.

That's the great thing about free speech and while we still have free speech then I will continue to avail myself of it through my podcast. 

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