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Episode 1

We all own a piece of the police

In this episode we look at the world of the self appointed first amendment auditors (otherwise known as Cop Watchers) or sometimes referred to as Independent Journalists.

In this podcast episode we dial up the sarcasm as we discuss some of the tactics used and some of the fall out from their desire to expose the failings of authority to the internet.

Police 2.png

Episode 2

Conspiracy Theories 

Who doesn’t like a good story, a tale of intrigue, of the near implausible, with just enough spin on it to cast a doubt to those that will listen? Welcome to the world of the conspiracy theory.

In this episode we introduce you to a range of characters who truly believe that there is a conspiracy to hold information from us or to tell untruths about all manner of things.

We touch on the flat earth movement, are we being visited by UFOs, the antivaxxer movement and we even touch on the question, is Elvis still alive.

Strap your self in for a crazy ride with the view from my middle finger

Episode 3

Why is the world so angry?

In this episode we will explore why there has been a proliferation of angry people videos across many of the social media platforms and why we have an unhealthy fascination in watching these public melt downs.

Why are we attracted to watching these videos, is it because we all know someone who might tend to blow up and imagine them in these situations.

Do we perhaps feel sorry for the person who blows their stack and to some degree feel some level of empathy for them?

Or is this just out and out voyeurism, where we want to see how this is going to play out…will someone intervene and stop them, how will it end.

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Episode 4

If I Close My Eyes, Will The World Have Changed When I Open Them?

You may be wondering about the title of this episode, in fact the title could be viewed in a couple of ways.

If I close my eyes will the world have changed when I open them, this could refer to some of the social changes we are all grappling with, changes in how we relate to each other, how we perceive the world around us.

So this title could either mean, what will the world look like if we allow the changes to continue or if I close my eyes and open them, can we go back to a simpler and possibly less ambiguous life.

In this episode we will of course highlight some of these views, however we will also attempt to understand the views of both sides of the debate or arguments around social change and attitudes and see if we can rationalize them.

In this episode we touch on Gender Pronouns, Feminism and Racism

Episode 5

We all need a cause!

It doesn’t seem enough these days to simply deal with the typical challenges life sends your way, friends, family, home, finances, jobs, you get the idea. If that’s not enough it appears that these days if we do not take up a cause our lives lack purpose, we are less fulfilled, so some on the internet would suggest.

This has led to the rise in virtue signalling, just get a cause ,any cause, I mean you can’t be causeless and that leads to the question if we feel compelled to have a cause we support, how committed can we be.

There is committed and then there is virtue signalling, to be seen to support while not really supporting the cause in the true sense of the word, whatever word that is.


In this episode of the view from my middle finger we will look at causes in general and the virtue signallers who suggest they are committed and perhaps not so committed when placed under the microscope ,that is social media and the internet.

Cancel Culture.png
Online Dating.png

Episode 6

Online Dating a Sin or Saviour

If your single and seeking a partner, perhaps a long-term relationship opportunity, where do you turn to, most these days turn to online dating apps but where did people turn to before these apps were available.

In this episode of the view from my middle finger we look at dating, we look at what people do to find the person of their dreams, we will turn to the internet to share some of their experiences and also some that have had a less than satisfying online date experience

Episode 7

Social Influence

The process of changing laws or rules by which we all live by, has happened throughout history however lately it appears that changes to social expectations are also driving changes to laws and rules at an ever-Increasing rate.

Most people in society would agree with changes that benefit the majority and would be in support of changes to benefit the minority and special interest groups, however in a democracy we are taught that change should be validated within the democratic system.

In this episode of The View from My Middle Finger, we will look at what democracy means, we will highlight examples in society of societal changes that may not necessarily agree with the majority and try to understand why these changes have been made and who they benefit.

Social Influence.png
TikTok Challenge.png

Episode 8

Trends & Challenges

It seems to be happening more often these days, that’s right the creation of new trends and the internet and social media a largely responsible for a trend becoming popular and being taken up by the masses.

It’s almost like a challenge which just must be met just so you can have bragging rights on the internet that you were able to do it, whatever it might be.

It seems nothing is to much and everything is up for grabs in the high stakes of becoming the number 1 in the chosen challenge.

Episode 9

Myths, Truth & Shame

The internet is a treasure trove of information for which many of us consume at an incredible rate, depending on how long one spends on it.

So with all this information overload, do we have the time to check if what we are being told is accurate or logical or in some cases based in science.

I think the answer to this would probably be no.

Perhaps not knowing if something is true or not is not the issue, more what we do with the information.

In this episode of the view from my middle finger, we will look at myths that have been around for many years and that had been passed down through the generations and see if any of these are grounded in science.

We will also look at some myths that have circulated through the internet and understand their origins and how these may have morphed into something else, and not always with good intentions or outcomes.

Social Media.jpg

Episode 10

Trends & Challenges

Technology plays a role in all our lives, unless you’re living off grid in some remote wilderness location, technology is most likely going to intrude into your life, sometimes with your knowledge and other times without.

In this episode of the view from my middle finger we will look at how technology has assisted in the capture criminals, how the judicial system now uses technology in ways never applied before and how the lure of social media is just too much to resist for some criminals, who just have to advertise their exploits for all to see, including the law.

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